3 Tips To Save Money On Boat Insurance

So, you've finally purchased your first boat and fulfilled a lifelong dream. That's amazing, but before you head out on the water, you need to make sure you protect your investment with boat insurance. If you just spent a bunch of money on the boat itself, you might be cringing at the thought of another bill coming in. No worries; here are a few tips that could help you save a little cash while still protecting your boat in case something happens.

Take Classes

You might think you already know how to sail a boat, but if you want to save some extra cash on the insurance, you should make it official. Many boat insurance companies offer a discount if you take a certified course in sailing, seamanship, or anything else related to operating your boat. Call your insurer first to inquire about what kinds of courses will be approved.

Add Extra Safety Features

Sure, your boat likely has some life jackets or a raft on it, but when it comes to safety, the insurance company is just as interested in features that will save the boat from sinking. Even if you already purchased the boat, it might still be possible to get some safety features added to it. Features like a high-water alarm or extra water pumps might help you keep the boat afloat when something goes wrong and that's worth a discount in the eyes of your insurance provider.

Build a Custom Policy

Boats are complex vehicles and many marine insurance providers will let you mix and match your policy to cover exactly what you want. You'll start with the basics that you are probably familiar with from your car. That's things like coverage for collision damage, property damage and so on. But with a boat, you could also cover things like your fishing equipment or an oil spill. Take a close look at what is covered on your current policy, and if there's anything extraneous, get rid of it.

Before you head out on the water with your new boat, make sure you are properly covered. If you want to keep your boat insurance as low as possible, call your insurance provider to inquire about potential discounts. You might be able to adjust your policy to remove coverage you will never use. If your current provider won't play ball, start researching other local providers of marine insurance today.

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