What A Driver Should Know About Liability Insurance Coverage

Driving is a privilege that should be done responsibly, and being responsible involves more than following the road rules. You must also make sure other drivers are financially protected in the event that an accident happens and is your fault. You can do so by insuring your vehicle with at least a minimum of liability coverage that provides security to other drivers. Liability insurance is actually the most affordable type of coverage, and it is better than driving without coverage. The last thing that you want to do is get caught driving without your vehicle having insurance coverage, as the possible consequences are not worth it. 

What Liability Insurance Covers

The most important coverage that is included with liability insurance is bodily harm that is the result of an accident. For example, if you cause a collision that leads to the other party or passengers in their vehicle suffering even minor injuries, they can file an insurance claim. The coverage is also extended towards lost wages that are the result of getting injured in a collision. Another type of coverage included with liability insurance is property damage, which includes vehicle repairs or replacement. Property damage might also include coverage for building repairs, landscapes, and any other damage that is the result of you causing an accident.

The Consequences of Not Having Insurance

The legal consequences of driving without auto insurance coverage can vary between states, but the laws are similar. For example, most states require drivers to be insured with a minimum of liability coverage or fines will be imposed. However, getting fined is only a minimal consequence, as drivers can also face license suspension and jail time. After committing multiple offenses of driving without insurance and getting into accidents, a driver could lose his or her driving privileges altogether. Another possible consequence is to cause an accident and get sued by the other driver, which could have been prevented if you had insurance coverage.

How Much Liability Insurance Costs

Although liability insurance is one of the most affordable coverage options, the price varies between drivers. The reason is because premium costs are calculated based on several factors that are unique to the driver being insured. For example, if your age and sex is similar to drivers who are known for causing accidents, your premium might be higher than someone of a different age and sex. You can call an agent for a specific quote on liability insurance coverage.

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